Reflections from a year in an outdoor classroom

Late June 2020, New Jersey

I’m back teaching after a three-month hiatus. It’s the first day since a pandemic entered America and shut down schools. We’ve turned our inside preschool into an outside one.

We are in a new world, a new…

When an unexpected gift sparked a memory and a roadmap

Finger knitted yarn, wrapped in a ball, in a mosaic of colors

I was standing outside on my lunch break when a message appeared from a long-ago friend.

She had a question for me. Could I call?

I was intrigued. A mystery! I pressed her number.

“Well, hellllooo Megan,” she said in her familiar deep voice. She always greeted me that way…

What my friends and neighbors make for dinner when they haven’t been to the store

I’m always wondering what people make for dinner when it’s been a while since they’ve shopped. When my ingredients run low, I fantasize about dropping in the kitchens of my friends to see what creative thing they’re whipping up. But life isn’t really like that anymore. It’s one of the…

Megan Houston Sager

Teacher, writer, mother, maker. I have a story about that.

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